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Sleep Part 2 after “How to Wake Up Early and Not Be Miserable”. Here I go over 1) Why is Sleep Important? (is 8 hours a night for everyone?) and 2) When we are sleep deprived, how can we maximize our hours in bed? We go over how much sleep you actually need, how sleep deprivation effects health, cognitive, and physical functions, and why you probably aren’t getting enough sleep. Sleep quality is more important than sleep quality. We go over why sleep quality suffers for many of us, including noise pollution and light during the mornings. These sleeping tips will help you maximize the hours you spend in bed.

Items mentioned in the video:
-Philips Hue Starter Kit: (one of my favorite tech gadgets)
-Philips Wake Up Light: (great if you just want wake up light without the added features of the Hue smart lighting system)
-Black Out Curtains: (These are the ones that I used. They also are thermally insulated to keep make sure your room doesn’t get too cold at night)
-Sleep mask with eye contour:
-Ear plugs for sleep:
-Sound machine: (includes white noise and other sounds to help you sleep)
-Blue light blocking goggles: (decreases the harm done by computer screens late at night)

Sleep playlist:

I also go over why power naps should only be 20 or so minutes in duration and the different sleep stages. Coffee naps are a great way to power nap with added benefit. Lastly, avoid using caffeine (coffee) and alcohol (EtOH) before bed.



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